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Reasonable Accomodations Policy

Reasonable Accommodations Policy of Project Freedom at Trent Center

A reasonable accommodation request can be made by the person with the disability, a family member or someone else acting on the individual’s behalf. Requests for reasonable accommodations can be made orally or in writing. Whenever possible, it is preferred, and assistance will be provided to the individual, if needed, to put the request in writing. The request must make it clear to Project Freedom at Trent Center that a request is being made for an exception, change or adjustment to a rule, policy, practice, service or physical structure because of his/her disability.

When a tenant requires an accessible feature, policy modification or other reasonable accommodation to accommodate a disability, Project Freedom at Trent Center will provide the requested accommodation unless doing so would result in a fundamental alternation in the nature of the program or an undue financial and administrative burden. If providing such an accommodation would result in undue financial and administrative burden, Project Freedom at Trent Center will take other action that would not result in an undue burden.

If a resident disagrees with the initial response or suggested alternative to his/her request for a reasonable accommodation to his/her disability, the resident may submit a written grievance to BTC Management Company’s Section 504 Administrator, Board President, c/o 547 Greenwood Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08609.

The written grievance should state the accommodation requested and explain why the accommodation is needed. It should also state any alternative accommodation offered and explain why it would not be satisfactory to the resident.

Upon receipt of the grievance, the Section 504 administrator will review the information relevant to the complaint and will discuss the issues with all parties involved. If necessary, a meeting will be scheduled with all parties to discuss possible resolution.

In any event, a written response will be issued within thirty days of receipt of the grievance, and every effort will be made to resolve the issue as soon as possible and satisfactorily within the guidelines of the Section 504 regulations.


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