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Project Freedom at Trent Center Frequently Asked Questions


Is rent based on income?

No, Project Freedom at Trent Center does not have project-based vouchers. Project Freedom at Trent Center does accept tenant-based vouchers from Section 8 and other local community agencies.


How much is rent?

As of November 1, 2014, one-bedroom apartments start at $700.00 plus electricity and two-bedroom apartments start at $830.00 plus electricity.


Are utilities included?

The tenant pays for electricity. Water, sewer and gas are paid by the landlord.


Are pets allowed?

Yes, one common household pet per household is allowed. The pet must be under 25 pounds and not be an aggressive breed.


How much does it cost to do laundry?

There is a laundry room on each of the top four floors. A wash cycle is $1.25 and a dry cycle is $0.75.


How much does it cost to park?

There is no cost to park. There is ample parking inside the gated campus. Currently, there is no covered parking.


Are there security officers in the building?

Yes, there is a security officer in the building.


Is there any restrictions on visitors?

No, a tenant can have visitors at any time. The policy states visitors must be buzzed in, sign in with the security officer and show valid photo ID.


Can I use a satellite dish for cable TV?

No, satellite dishes are not allowed. The entire building is wired for Verizon FiOS and Comcast services. There are many different landline telephone providers available for tenants to choose from.


Do I have to set up my own electricity (PSE&G) account?

Yes, each tenant is required to have an electrical account in their name.


Is there 24-hour maintenance?

Yes, the building uses an on-call rotation for emergency coverage.


Are there any preferences for applicants?

Yes, persons using a mobility device are given preference on the waiting list.


Do you have to be disabled to live in the building?

No, you do not have to be disabled to live in the building.


Is there a waiting list?

At times, there may be a short waiting list. Please call the office for current wait list estimates at (609) 396-7633.


Are there any form of transportation?

Yes, there’s a local Trenton Transit Station, NJ Transit Riverline and bus stops in the area.


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